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My name is JN. I'm one of those multi-hyphenate Bridger Millennials, which really just means I can navigate TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook, but I also had a beeper as a tween and remember the AOL dial-up sound. I've got roots in the American South and being a team player is an innate quality of mine. Other awesome qualities include being a first-rate storyteller and the belief that 80% of communication is active listening. I'm driven in my career by a desire to create content that breaks down complex issues into understandable bites, coupled with being a do-gooder/steward of the Earth.

Long story short, I love words and making the world a better place, and I've devoted my life to using communication as my weapon for mass positive change. Click one of the buttons below to learn more. Thanks for stopping by!

What People Say

Business Consultation

Jeannette Reese,
Micro Influencer and
Small Business Owner

Jasmyne-Nicole gives her clients great insight into   marketing and business basics. She's a great listener, so she's ideal for bouncing ideas off of, she's well-informed about pop culture, the latest social media and marketing trends (necessary things to know for a burgeoning small business owner and influencer), and she can take a person's words and articulate what they can't say. She's definitely able to conceptualize what a person is trying to say and put it down on paper with ease. Jasmyne-Nicole has helped me take my product, apply it to the market and provided innovative strategies. Finally, Jasmyne-Nicole is the best researcher I know. She lives and dies by reputable sources, "receipts" as she calls them, and speaking on a topic only after she's done her research. I recommend her wordsmithing wholeheartedly.

Working on a laptop

Liam Strain,
Multimedia Manager, ADP

Professionally - In her capacity as a senior writer for our in-house agency at ADP, JN had a tremendous ability to dig deep into our clients needs, our brand voice, and use those insights to create effective, empathetic and engaging content. Her voice was directly responsible for record setting results and driving measurably better engagement across the spectrum of digital and printed communications. She was a committed and consistent writer that we could count on in any assignment. 


Personally - JN rocks. In over 25 years of advertising and marketing across the spectrum of accounts - I have rarely worked with a writer so full of ideas, and so committed to trying to connect with her audience. She is a beacon of joy, and I would not hesitate to bring her onto a project. 

Black Outfits

Rosalyn Reed,
Executive Director,
United Roots of Oakland

Jasmyne-Nicole Walker is an amazing editor to work with.

She is a thorough communicator and is excellent in supporting you at every stage of the writing process. She is passionate about her writing and delivering top tier editing services; and it comes through in her work. She has supported our organization with several high level projects and always goes above and beyond in her approach to the work by delivering thoughtful feedback and editing that makes the work and writing projects stronger. What makes her services unique is her customized services that always translates the vision and our message beautifully. She is professional and a joy to work with. I highly recommended her editing and writing  services!

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