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General Assembly one sheeter – Bahrain Software Engineering Immersive 

What was done- This one sheeter was created to advertise the partnership between General Assembly and Tamkeen, the Kingdom of Bahrain's Labor Fund. The partnership extends the opportunity to launch software engineering careers to Bahraini citizens.

Why it mattered- This one sheeter was emailed and given to conference and job fair attendees in Bahrain who expressed interest in launching a career in software engineering. It mattered because it presented a life-changing career opportunity to a new target market. And for General Assembly, the financial benefits of this partnership and breaking into this new market have yet to be fully realized, but the potential is massive. Initiatives such as this are only the beginning. 


General Assembly ads –  B2B display ads

What was done- These B2B display ads were parts of a series that I wrote to attract companies to General Assembly.

Why it mattered- The first one was specifically focused on businesses interested in airtight recruitment methods and guaranteeing a consistent pipeline of tech talent. Copy: "90% of HR Leaders Fear Their Tech Recruitment Methods Will Fail. Discover a Better Way." 


The second one was focused on attracting companies interested in sourcing diverse tech talent. Given the push recently for corporations to increase their DEI efforts, by positioning themselves as the premiere providers of diverse tech talent, GA is leaning into a key market differentiator and demonstrating their unmatched value. Copy: "87% of HR Leaders are Falling Short on Diversity Tech Goals. Change the Narrative."


Beauty Brand Bible

What was done- This brand Bible was developed for Thread Beauty, a black-owned, woman-owned beauty brand that launched in Target stores in 2022.

Why it matters- Initially, the ask was to provide the brand with product taglines, brand taglines and a well-articulated mission statement. However, after having a deep-dive conversation with the CEO and her team, I realized that they were working from some assumptions about their Gen Z BIPOC target audience and needed clarity in order to truly resonate. So to ensure that they had a unique voice in the beauty product space, I did extensive research, from snapshots of their competitors, to the latest trends popular within their target audience, from music, to fashion, to slang and linguistic patterns in speech and text. Then, using the insights I gathered, in addition to the taglines and mission statement, I created three multilayered brand persona narratives (two included here) that embodied the traits of their target audience. This was important because it created a blueprint for unique marketing approaches and avenues that they can take to catch the attention of their audience top of funnel. I also rounded out their brand bible with some takeaways to help them build their presence and engage with their target audience through social media. 

Finally, because I know that marketing isn't just about copy, it's also about the experience created around the copy, for each round of edits shared, I didn't just send over copy in a Word document. Instead, I created a presentation, complete with an intro song that was the Gen Z BIPOC trending track of the week on TikTok, then I shared short clips of content from creators who identified as members of their target audience. By giving them a direct window into the concerns, mannerisms, and culture of Gen Z BIPOCs via music and social media, I was able to help them toss out some assumptions, get clearer on their brand's voice, and establish myself as an expert-lite.


Gen Z (and BIPOCs especially) are very wary of brands that come across as inauthentic. With my research and brand bible foundation and campaign and web copy, this beauty brand was able to launch on solid footing. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 6.17.54 PM.png
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Screenshot (111).png
threadbeauty_face it_product description.png
threadbeauty_colorit_product description.png
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Getting Back to Business:
COVID-19 Return to Work emails

What was done- The Getting Back to Business campaign was an email series that lasted eight weeks. Each weekly email addressed a new COVID-19 related topic.


Why it mattered- The campaign was one of the key ways that the ADP Risk, Safety, and Claims Team offered support to business owners (particularly small business owners) who were struggling with how to navigate the safety hurdles that COVID presented to their business. These included reasons an employee might choose not to wear a mask, how to address safety requirements when faced with pushback, and reiterating CDC messaging about the importance of flattening the curve in the early months of COVID-19. The campaign answered questions like, "How do I help my employees stay safe from COVID-19 while working in the heat?"

By giving business owners a script and solutions to navigate these issues, ADP positioned themselves to maintain brand loyalty during the pandemic by offering fringe benefits to their HR, payroll and benefits services in the form of useful information.

Screenshot (62).png
Screenshot (66).png

ADP Risk, Safety & Claims
safety brochure

What was done- With ADP's decision to combine the Risk, Safety & Claims Teams into one experience for clients and their employees, there was a need for a slick new brochure that communicated this evolution to potential new clients and current clients. To ensure that all pertinent info was included and that the brochure aligned with the new overall company brand standards, multiple interviews were done with subject matter experts from the Risk and Safety and also the Claims Teams, then I analyzed the interviews for common themes, broke these out into topics, drafted preliminary copy and sent it to the division's President to get feedback on core content before delving more deeply into tone. 

Why it mattered- This brochure communicated what this team merger meant for client business owners and how it would be beneficial to their employees’ ongoing safe state, the clients’ bottom line, and OSHA compliance overall.

Screenshot (72).png
Screenshot (73).png

ADP MyLife Advisor and Service email and postcard initiatives – (currently in use)

What was done- The MyLife Advisor (MLA) and Service email and postcard projects are great examples of when a campaign becomes a movement. Since the beginning of 2019, ADP has seen a marked increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) from clients and their employees who have interacted with ADP TotalSource MyLife Advisors. A large part of this increase has been influenced by what MLAs are tooled with while in service to clients. Enter, the “MLA Surprise and Delight Campaign,” which initially included MLAs sending out small gifts and/or postcards and emails that celebrated, commemorated or acknowledged the key milestones in the lives of the employees of ADP clients only. Because of the success and rave reviews the first set of postcards and emails received, this was later expanded to the The "Service Campaign," a second set of postcards and emails for the business owners ADP served directly.

These were two of my flagship projects during my tenure at ADP. It gives me great pride to share that I wrote all copy; I created emails and postcards that expressed just the right amount of humor, empathy, and celebratory energy.

Why it mattered- The Service email and postcard initiative came about after the TotalSource SLT for MLAs shared their remarkable results with the Comprehensive Services SLT (NPS increased by a full point) and that business unit decided to create a similar product, but with business owners who've just completed a tough process, like Implementation or Affordable Care Act compliance as the target audience instead of the clients the businesses serve.

Aside from showing me the impact of my words and what pouring genuine empathy and care into my work can do on a massive scale in real time, as stated above my work helped the MyLife Advisors increase their Net Promoter Score in the TotalSource business unit, ADP's largest revenue-generating business unit, by a full point. That's brand loyalty and positive vibes that translate into customer satisfaction, retention, and even new leads, which ultimately, equals an increase in revenue.


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Screenshot (91).png
Screenshot (91).png
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ADP associate newsletter, The VIBE 

What was done- As Editor of The VIBE, ADP's only org-wide associate newsletter, it was my job to compile and curate the bi-weekly content that was delivered to 58,000 associates globally. The VIBE was the primary source for associates to get the latest info on everything from software upgrades, to links to Senior Leadership Town Halls, to pertinent last-minute federal/state policy changes that might impact the clients ADP serves, to being a place to celebrate milestone wins, both individual and collective.

Why it mattered- Because anything dealing with compliance and government oversight has to be accurate as there can be large financial penalties attached to inaccuracy, disseminating the latest updates and changes to ADP associates was imperative to the overall success of the company. It was an internal measure that have far-reaching implications as it helped establish us as the go-to company on the latest measures and industry trends, how new legislation would impact the American workforce and business owner, etc.  

I served as Editor for two years.

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Screenshot (93).png
Screenshot (94).png

2018 Synchronicity Women in the Arts Luncheon, Atlanta GA 

What was done- Created an ad  for event's magazine that presented ADP in the role of “Champion” to a select audience of powerful, driven, innovative women in business and in the arts. Ad needed to evoke womanly strength with a relevant call to action. 

Ad copy: 
To all the  
Flying high every day takes grace under pressure, consistently facing down your fears, and miles of moxie. 
You know who you are. 
From today’s Honorees, to tomorrow’s  
rabble rousers and day savers, we salute you. 
Looking for new air space? 
Come fly with us: 

Why it mattered- Supporting initiatives such as this luncheon has been one of the ways that ADP has continued to work to attract more women in the corporate space. By purchasing the ad space and using it to create a custom ad specific to the mission of the nonprofit they were working with, they were seeking to position themselves as a thoughtful and dialed-in potential employer to young women looking to make their mark in the corporate space.

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